About Me

My name is Birgitta, but most people call me Bee, it's easier to pronounce. I was born in Delft in The Netherlands and moved to Shropshire aged 7, finally adopting Shrewsbury as my home town aged 14. I've been falling in love with The Shire ever since.

Camera's and photos were always a part of my life, my mother always making a darkroom in the houses we lived, my grandparents huge collection of family photos dating back to the late 1800's that I would pour over on my summer visits and my uncle, a professional photographer. Living in a different country from all my family meant that photographs were always of great importance, connecting me to those I love across the sea.

I'm self-taught, buying my first DSLR with my student loan whilst studying textile design 12 years ago. I started taking photos every day, of everything I found interesting from plants and insects to what fascinates me the most - the emotional connection between people.

Photography is as much a part of who I am as it is what I do. When I am taking photographs for you I am searching for moments and connections. From the first kiss at a wedding to the touch a mother gives her newborn in a studio session, that when you see them as photographs give you goosebumps and brings the moment back to you.

It's my passion and I can't wait to bring your moments back to life for you.

xx Birgitta

My Grandmother in Holland during the War

Me and my Father, Queens Day in Holland in 1977